Productive Snow Days!

Happy Spring! The good news is despite being snowed in this winter I was busy painting and have new paintings to show you under "available", hope you enjoy! I am currently taking a break from Nantucket landscapes and am working on a Key West painting! It is such fun and so colorful! I spent several years renting a wonderful cottage in Old Town and I loved the beautiful foliage and flowers growing everywhere! I am thinking of doing a Key West series, let me know what you think. I would love to get to Naples someday, if anyone has some great pics, send them to me!


After years of harassment I have given in and allowed my son Christian to help me create a website for my artwork.  This should have been done years ago...but I am an "old fashioned gal" who can barely use email. I couldn't be happier!

Now I can share my art with a much broader audience and keep everyone posted on what I am working on.  Go to "contact/updates" if you would like to receive updates about my work.  I will post anytime there is a new item available or anytime I have news about any upcoming events.